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TEGwear™ Technology
Power wireless sensors and other low-power mobile electronic devices utilizing body heat as a constantly available power source.

TEGwear™ technology is a unique thermoelectric energy harvesting technology designed to power body-worn electronic devices. Integrated into wearable form factors, such as wristbands or clothing, TEGwear™ absorbs heat from the body, which is converted into electrical energy that serves as an always-available renewable power source.

Similar to sunlight exciting electrons in a solar cell, body-heat absorbed by TEGwear™ technology excites electrons and optimizes this energy for body-worn medical,
fitness, and safety related electronics.

The result of decades of development from Thermo Life® Energy Corporation and Perpetua R&D, this unique flexible thermoelectric material is being incorporated into strategic partner products.

Key Features & Benefits
• Constantly available power source can replace or greatly extend the life of batteries
• Higher native voltage technology
• Technology is winner of numerous awards, including R&D 100 & U.S. Fed. Labs
• Microwatts to milliwatts of power depending on surface area, placement & activity level
• Manufacturing approach allows for cost-effective optimization of voltage & power

Applications for TEGwear™ technology include wireless medical, sports, fitness, health, and other low-power mobile electronic devices.

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Introduction to TEGwear™ wearable energy harvesting technology

TEGwear™ Technology
Body heat-to-electric energy

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