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Don’t Worry About Wireless Battery Life

Perpetua develops and manufactures energy harvesters that provide continuous, reliable power for wireless sensors. With concerns about battery reliability eliminated, our customers are able to:

•  Deploy wireless sensor networks with confidence
•  Run wireless sensors at faster update rates
•  Reduce maintenance expenses

Power Puck® Energy Harvesters

Power Puck Energy Harvesters, designed in cooperation with leading sensor manufacturers, power the most popular wireless sensors for +20 years in the harshest conditions.


Power Tile


Power Tile™ Energy Harvester

Power Tile Energy Harvesters are the solution when more power is required. Power Tiles are engineered to operate at higher temperatures, but with the same durability as the Power Puck. Its power output matches the power requirements of many wired and wireless devices, including remote terminal units, wireless gateways, and the highly versatile Rosemount 3051S MultiVariable transmitter. The Power Tile’s rugged, “always-on” design makes it a strong alternative to solar energy harvesting when process heat is available.


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