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Industrial Applications Industrial applications
The power needs of industrial wireless sensors present obstacles to adoption for some Wireless Sensor Networks (WSN) deployments, forcing users to limit duty cycles or incur the expense of repeated battery maintenance. Perpetua builds solutions to harvest thermoelectric energy for wireless sensors from commonly available industrial heat source, including steam pipes, pumps, water heaters, fuel tanks, furnace ducts, compressors, motors, ovens, smelters.

WSN applications/markets today are led by Oil and Gas exploration and production, Refineries, Power and Utilities, and Chemicals with a many others contributing to a lesser extent.

With a strong return-on-investment resulting from battery maintenance cost reductions and the additional benefit of providing redundant power to monitoring critical process variables, the applicability of Perpetua’s products parallel the wireless sensors they power.  Deployments to date have mirrored the general adoption of WSN with the exception that Perpetua Energy Harvesters have been restricted to Ordinary Locations.  In Q2 2104 Intrinsically Safe certifications for Power Pucks will be in place allowing their use in virtually all hazardous environments.

Wearable Applications
Through joint development agreements, contracts and grants from numerous commercial companies and federal agencies, Perpetua is developing on-body energy harvesting technology for personal wireless computing, sensing and other mobile devices. Perpetua has branded this exciting new wearable energy harvesting technology 'TEGwear™'.

Continuously powered by always-available body heat energy, wireless sensors can transmit vital physiological information for emergency first responders, athletes, soldiers, medical patients, and general wellness monitoring. Applications for body heat-to- electric energy include:

• Wireless Personal Location Devices
• Medical / Fitness Monitoring
• Defense Applications / Personal Protection
• Ultra Low-Power Mobile Consumer Electronics

Key benefits:
• Always available power source can replace or greatly extend the life of batteries
• Highest native voltage thermoelectric technology
• Unique manufacturing flexible thin-film technology offers a more robust solution that can stand up to pressures of molding and other package integration


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