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Battery Limitations
Energy Harvesting Solution

Perpetua Energy Harvesting Solution
Perpetua Energy Harvesters are designed to address the limitations of today’s battery-only powered industrial sensors. Depending upon the sensor and application they can eliminate or significantly ameliorate these issues.

Run your sensors with the update rates you want
Depending upon your sensor and local heat source, Perpetua Energy Harvesters may generate sufficient power to fully drive the sensor at its maximum network update rates for the life of the sensor. This allows you the operational benefits of having a more complete and timely picture of the equipment and process being monitored.

Reduce your battery maintenance costs
There are two use cases for Perpetua Energy Harvesters depending upon the specifics of the sensor, its configuration and customer preferences.

Energy Harvester is used with a battery to provide sensor power.
Here the supplemental power from the Energy Harvester means that in all conditions the battery life will be extended. In the many cases where Perpetua Energy Harvesters are supplying in excess of the sensor power requirements, the battery will effectively not be used and its life and replacement frequency will be determined by its no-load storage life. Foregoing the need to replace sensor batteries, when taking into account their full maintenance costs, can have a dramatic multi-year cost savings.

Energy Harvester is the sole sensor power source.
While many sensor power configurations will benefit from an EH supplementing a battery, in applications not requiring redundancy full battery elimination can provide maximum battery cost savings.

Power Source Redundancy
In all deployments, the use of Perpetua Energy Harvesters in conjunction with batteries provides sensor power redundancy for critical monitoring applications during the life of the battery. This “belt and suspenders” approach provides dual power sources insuring that critical sensor reporting is available and maintained for long durations. It insures that network operation is continued under the wider range of conditions including the loss of either power source.

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