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Power Pucks® for Emerson Rosemount Wireless Transmitters

Power Pucks are thermoelectric energy harvesters and convert heat found in industrial process environments into electric energy for Emerson wireless transmitters.

Configurations are available to allow connections to most heat sources, including flat and curved surfaces with temperatures up to and over 800 degrees Fahrenheit. Depending upon the particular wireless transmitter, a warm-to-the-touch heat source is all that is required to fully power the device at its highest configurable update rate, as shown in the chart below for the Rosemount 3051S transmitter.

rosemount data

Works in extreme environments

For all applications

    • Remote Oil Well Pad Monitoring


      Well pads in extreme cold regions do not have full-time staff, and are expensive to service. Operators need to reduce maintenance costs while continuing to capture critical data.


      Using warm production oil pipes, Power Pucks continuously power transmitters configured at 4-second update rates.


      Maintenance is eliminated from these installations, with battery life from thermoelectric energy harvesting exceeding 10 years.

    • Enhanced Oil Recovery Monitoring


      Approximately 60% of the oil extraction costs are associated with steam injection, making precise pressure a high priority. 4- and 8-second updates are required, but frequently slowed due to the interrupts and costs of battery maintenance.


      With steam as the heat source, Power Puck thermoelectric energy harvesting delivers the power required for the application.


      The temperature difference allows the transmitters to run at 4- and 8-second rates, resulting in battery life of more than ten years with Power Pucks.

    • Agricultural Process Monitoring


      Hundreds of transmitters throughout processing plants result in significant battery maintenance costs and costly downtime.


      Eliminate battery maintenance and associated interrupts by adding Power Puck thermoelectric energy harvesters. Heat is abundant due to the presence of hot liquid in tanks.


      Regardless of the update rate required for a particular application, battery maintenance for high volumes of transmitters can be costly. Using Power Pucks and readily available heat eliminates the cost & downtime of batteries.

    • Power Plant Equipment Monitoring


      Transmitter placements in power plants frequently require scaffolding, ladders, and challenges for battery maintenance, adding up to costly service events for high volumes of transmitters.


      Operating equipment is pervasive in the plants and can serve as heat sources for thermoelectric energy harvesters, eliminating battery service events.


      Power Pucks with magnetic mounting can easily power the transmitters at the desired update rates for the life of the transmitters, which not only saves money, but prevents workers from having to service equipment in dangerous locations.

With common industrial heat sources

Click here to download the
Emerson Power Puck Data Sheet.

Detailed information for configuring and ordering solutions, along with battery life charts for supported transmitters, specifications, and certifications.


Click here to download the
Emerson Power Puck Quick Start Guide.

Detailed information on attaching to a heat source, connecting to the transmitter, and verifying operation.



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