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About Us

Perpetua Power Source Technologies, Inc. develops and manufactures advanced renewable energy solutions that enable our customers to develop, deploy and benefit from next-generation wireless sensor applications.

We are focused on offering cost-effective and easy-to-integrate power products that last as long as the electronics they power. By extending battery life, or replacing batteries altogether, our products enable wireless sensors to collect more data over a given time period and offer opportunities to effectively operate in a wider range of environments.

From breakthrough thermoelectric technology to innovations in low power energy management and complete system design, Perpetua provides original energy harvesting solutions that deliver a new combination of renewable energy, power management and ease of installation.

About Our Name
Perpetua (pronounced per-PET-you-uh) owes its name to a couple of influences; a shortened version of the word 'perpetual' and from the beautiful Oregon coast landmark named 'Cape Perpetua,' which enjoys a never-ending supply of waves from the Pacific Ocean.

Company Overview

Renewable energy
solutions for
wireless sensors.

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